Price 料金
Price 料金
Aプラン (10名まで) 貸別荘〈1日〜〉

Plan A (up to 10 persons)
Rental House for 1 night or more


A plan that allows you to use an old Japanese-style house luxuriously for a day. Kotoya at night, which can only be enjoyed by those who use it for a day, is fantastic. Spend a relaxing time with BBQ, cooking using fireplace and cooking for yourself.

IN 13:00 ~ OUT 9:30

1~2名様 ・・・ 13,000円/人
3~4名様 ・・・ 10,000円/人
5名様以上 ・・・ 7,000円/人

1~2名様 ・・・ 11,500円/人
3~4名様 ・・・ 8,500円/人
5名様以上 ・・・ 5,500円/人


IN 13:00 - OUT 9:30

Standard Rate:
▼During summer (July - Sept.)
(1~2 persons)
¥13,000 per person/night
(3~4 persons)
¥10,000 per person/night
(5 persons or above)
¥7,000 per person/night

▼Other seasons
(1~2 persons)
¥11,500 per person/night
(3~4 persons)
¥8,500 per person/night
(5 persons or above)
¥5,500 per person/night

☆Elementary school students
 Half price
☆Infants (up to preschoolers)
*weekends and holidays
+¥1,500 per person/night
*You may extend your stays at B plan price.

Bプラン 古民家レンタルスペース

Plan B Kominka Rental Space


B plan that allows you to enjoy an extraordinary space on a time basis. It is good to have BBQ or fireplace with friends, family or couple! The use for classrooms, seminars, get-togethers, banquets, events, etc. is also good! If you clear your mind in a space surrounded by nature, new ideas will come up and it will be useful for your work!

9:00 ~ 18:00




9:00 - 18:00
(Please consult for use outside opening hours.)

▼During summer (July - Sept.)
¥3,000 / hour for one building
(The larger the number of people, the better.)

▼Other seasons
¥2,500 / hour for one building
(The larger the number of people, the better.)

*weekends and holidays
+¥500 / hour for one building


Commercial photography


It can be used for shooting photograph of magazines and promotional videos.


¥5,000〜 / hour
▼For 1 day use
Plan A rate + ¥30,000
*Please inform time period of use at the time of reservation! It will be adaptable to your schedule.









*【夏期】ふわふわ かき氷作り体験・・・1,500円/人




*Set of BBQ equipment (1 group)・・・¥2,500
Charcoal, stove, chair, table, igniter, tongs, work gloves, etc.

*BBQ ingredients (1 serving)・・・¥3,500
Koshu wine beef slice 100 g, Koshu wine beef dice steak 100 g, Fish and vegetables vary depending on availability. Frankfurt sausage, fried noodles

*Koshu wine beef sirloin steak 100 g・・・¥1,800

*Flowing somen noodles (1 serving)・・・¥500
It comes with condiments and noodle soup.

*Set of fireplace equipment (1 group)・・・¥2,500
Fireplace hotpot, charcoal, fireplace trivets, fire generator, fire chopsticks, etc.

*Fireplace ingredients (1 serving)・・・¥3,500
Koshu free-range chicken 150g, drumette, Fish, vegetables, and edible wild plants vary depending on availability. You can choose Yoshida no Udon noodles or rice porridge!











*Facility management fee : Plan A (¥5,000 / group), Plan B (¥2,500 / group)
*Payment method : Cash or PayPay only
*SNS discount is applicable (Please confirm at reservation)
*All prices excluding tax

*Please contact in advance if you would like to use BBQ or fireplace.

*Ingredients for BBQ and fireplace can be ordered from 1 serving.

*When 3 or more servings of ingredients for BBQ and fireplace are ordered, the set of equipment is free of charge.

*You can bring BBQ equipment and ingredients.

*BBQ is available until 19:00.

*If you cook for yourself, please bring in ingredients. Or please use the restaurants in Tsuru.

*Please finish the fireworks by 21:00.

*Small pets are allowed! There are no pet supplies available, so please bring your own. Also, please be careful to clean up excretions of your pets.

☆Cancellation fees
 On the day or No contact:100%
 1 day before:50%
 2 days before:30%